Life is good

Hey everyone.
Sorry for not writing much lately.
Just been taking the time to settle i and it feels likes its finally happening.
Ive been invited over to peoples houses numerous tines for dinner.
Went to the movies tonight with 2 friends to see Ted 2 and i must say its a fantastic mvie.
I didnt think to ask if it could be audio described but was produced so well you can easily follow along with only audio.

Im going ti my first Meet Up this friday which is going to watch some stand up comedy and have dinner which will be nice.
Will be good to met some sighties as well as blindies.

Im going to a rowibg tryout day next saturday.
Not to sound cocky but ive done rowing before so cant see this being an issue (fingers x’d).

I also start o.m on monday so i can finally venture out a little more on my own without getting terribly lost.

Also i managed to sort out the issue with centrelink and have my Employment Services Assessment so now all i have to do is sign up with the agency which i have picked out and get the ball rolling.

I have also entered my first swish competition (blind tale tennis)  for the end of August where im playing both singles and doubles, basically queensland take on victoria.

Hope everyone else is going well and ill try and post more frequently


Foodie post

Im not much of a foodie but here is 6 beautiful beer battered barramundi fingers with garlic aoli  and 2 lettuce leaves or something.

Randomly comment how much you think they cost, i was shocked of the price as welll


Damn you job hunting

I really cant wait until i can actually start job hunting
Im wanting to go through a disability job agency (EPIC) but i order to do that i need to get Centrelink to do a Employment Services Accessment.
Centrelink are so booked out that the job agency couldnt book it so i have to go through centrelink itself.
I called them today, after an hour i got through only for my phone to die just as i got answered (was ready to cry!!! :-().
Im not wanting to go instore, i dont even know where it is but i might do it tomorrow.

A friend of mine is house hunting so we attempting to find her new house today.
Only 500m from our friend’s  house but was impossible to find.
It involved crossing over 4 lands of major traffic and doig it blindly trying to dodge cars cross straight was near impossible so they are welcome to move there but i wont be visitig much (blindy problems hahaha)
It confirmed for me that im happy where i am

Oh another note i have discovered spotify and am im love!!!
How have i not found it before?!?!?!

Also found and had amazing fish for dinner tonight, was so exciting was like i was back home again, weird moment!!!

Shop Spotlight

Im not one to brag about myself or want to be in the spot light but i dont mind highlighting a  shop that genuinely needs to be recognised.

If you live in Brisbane, Australia then make sure to check out Baketologist on Merthyr Rd in the shopping district.


They are a little expensive but the food is amazing.
Everything is made with unique flavouts and their Rosemary, Garlic and Herb Sausage Roll is a must.
Also customer service to die for, will definitely become my local