Foodie post

Im not much of a foodie but here is 6 beautiful beer battered barramundi fingers with garlic aoli  and 2 lettuce leaves or something.

Randomly comment how much you think they cost, i was shocked of the price as welll



Damn you job hunting

I really cant wait until i can actually start job hunting
Im wanting to go through a disability job agency (EPIC) but i order to do that i need to get Centrelink to do a Employment Services Accessment.
Centrelink are so booked out that the job agency couldnt book it so i have to go through centrelink itself.
I called them today, after an hour i got through only for my phone to die just as i got answered (was ready to cry!!! :-().
Im not wanting to go instore, i dont even know where it is but i might do it tomorrow.

A friend of mine is house hunting so we attempting to find her new house today.
Only 500m from our friend’s  house but was impossible to find.
It involved crossing over 4 lands of major traffic and doig it blindly trying to dodge cars cross straight was near impossible so they are welcome to move there but i wont be visitig much (blindy problems hahaha)
It confirmed for me that im happy where i am

Oh another note i have discovered spotify and am im love!!!
How have i not found it before?!?!?!

Also found and had amazing fish for dinner tonight, was so exciting was like i was back home again, weird moment!!!

Whats ib the cuboard/fridge/freezer

So i have send this going around my friends where you post the content of your fridge/freezer/cupboards up and people can give you meal ideas out of what ou have and also inspire you to try and also buy other things so here goes i have

White Bread
1 tomato
2 Mandarines
2 Kiwifruit
Cheese slices
Peanut Butter
2 minute noodles
Caramel and macadamia ice cream

Suggest away, i challenge you….