Damn you job hunting

I really cant wait until i can actually start job hunting
Im wanting to go through a disability job agency (EPIC) but i order to do that i need to get Centrelink to do a Employment Services Accessment.
Centrelink are so booked out that the job agency couldnt book it so i have to go through centrelink itself.
I called them today, after an hour i got through only for my phone to die just as i got answered (was ready to cry!!! :-().
Im not wanting to go instore, i dont even know where it is but i might do it tomorrow.

A friend of mine is house hunting so we attempting to find her new house today.
Only 500m from our friend’s  house but was impossible to find.
It involved crossing over 4 lands of major traffic and doig it blindly trying to dodge cars cross straight was near impossible so they are welcome to move there but i wont be visitig much (blindy problems hahaha)
It confirmed for me that im happy where i am

Oh another note i have discovered spotify and am im love!!!
How have i not found it before?!?!?!

Also found and had amazing fish for dinner tonight, was so exciting was like i was back home again, weird moment!!!


Ive been here almost a week and having an amazing ime.
Ive met so many people that have ben so inclusive, been shoppping galore AND being an adult.

Ive got forms for taxi card abd travel pass so i can get that sorted, just have to go to the doctors.

Ive selected a really god job agency but nedd to get s centrelink job assessment thing done, but aparently there are no openings for a while :-(, ill call tomorrow and see what i can sort out.

Also ive got o&m sorted.
I met my instructor on the 20th of July which is annoying as it is si far away BUT i can actually practise routes first myself and work out what i need to work on so should make things smoother.

I want to do somethibg touristy this week but am lost for idea.

I have however found the worst hot chocolate, never get caramel flavour 😦

Settling in

Ive arrived safe and sound.
There was a mechanical delay on the train, my carriage ghad no running water AND the police boarded in sone little country town about midnight and kicked so disorderly passanger off AND we made it in Brisbane 10 minutes early, yes an interesting 14 hour trip!

I moved into my accommodation yesterday.
So many people here and all alot older however my room has a fridge/freezer and TV also since im the only female here i have my own bathroom as well!!!!.
Also right next to a shopping area and have bus stops outside so cant really complain.

I walked into the Valley which is 30 minutes down the road but has rolling hills the whole way down.
The mission was to find the station down there as that is my local but i couldnt find it and the public suck and giving directions especially when you point out your blind and cant see so ill leave that until i manage to secure o.m.

Also got introduced to sone friends of a friend today so seem to finding people ok.

Tomorrow some people from swiish (blind table tennis/air hockey) met at a local cafe i ws at today so i might head down there after finding Nea FarmPark and the ferry


I leave in 90minutes.
Im sad to be leaving my family and friends but am not going to miss my living vurrent (or perhaps previous now) livig situaions.

Ive downloaded a couple of movies and have a tv streaming app with hours
internet and battery access, lets hope it keeps me sane for 14 hours.

What do you all like doing to fill in time on long distance travel??

Lets hope after getting to brisbane and gettig soem sleep i look better than this lol


Good byes

My life is packed



and the final farewells have been said.
Ive managed to win pool blind styles (meaning i cant see nothing), finally brought myself together to try sushi (not the biggest fan) and also shopped up a storm with the mother and came home to gifts of Wine, Chocolate abd a partner for y new adventure




Im having breakfast out with my mum and step-dad in the morning before the long 14 hour train trip north.
Im hoping that geading about 1000km north will also bring warmer weather (fingers x’d)

I arrived at 5am alone and blind in a nee city lol.

Thank god for friends i can bunk out with for awhile

welcome and intro

My name is Katherine (Kat).

I grew up in New Zealand (see username) but am now livig in Australia. I have lived in Sydney and am about to tale you with me o my move to Brisbame (we leave tomorrow).

Im in my late 20’s with  a background in Events, Marketing and Media.

I love beaches, walking, performing arts and that type of thing.

I take part i rowing, cycling and the occasional triathlon.

I am actually blind but that does not define me or part of my identity if i can help it that why i introduced myself first.

Get to know me and rhen maybe my disability 🙂